Why engage with our Young Data Professionals?

Young Data Professional Benefits

  • A young Data Professional to get your data-work done

  • Bring new energy into your business

  • Being more Data Informed

  • Free added value Data Services

  • Suitable assignments – Attractive pricing

Our Young Data Professionals will lift your business insights. Together we develop added value for your business and the Young Data Professionals.

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Become partner in our Data professional program to get your data work done

A YDP to get your data-work done

  • Analytical, eager to learn, enthusiastic and result driven
  • Trained and coached by Infotopics Academy
  • Excellent in data skills and personal skills
  • Expert and/or certified in Tableau and/or Alteryx software
  • Aware of the latest data-developments

Get free added value if you become partner in our data program

Free added value Data Services

  • Data maturity scan: assess where your stand in the way data drives your organization
  • Mini-conference every half year on best practices from YDP partners
  • Free access to best practices of all Infotopics customers

  • Participation in YDP Learning Conference on lessons learned and future data developments

Become partner and benefit from our attractive pricing

Suitable assignments – attractive pricing

  • Typically, a YDP-er works in unique assignments of ±three months for on average of 4 days a week
  • This can be customized aligned with the need of an organization
  • The attractive pricing reflects the expertise /certification level

Typical companies engaging with a YDP

  • Have interesting assignments in working with data, for example data visualizations, dashboarding, data preparations etc.

  • Are keen on working with young potentials

  • Create the circumstances to be successful


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